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Landscape Construction

Conceptual Design

Nightscaping Outdoor Lighting, Design & Installation

Lawn Installation/Renovation, Maintenance & Fertilization

Deep Bed Edging & Mulch Installation

Tree Maintenance

Irrigation: Sprinkler Systems, Design & Installation

Hardscaping: Paver Patios, Walkways & Retaining Walls


Fire Pits, Fireplaces & BBQ’s

Seasonal Color Design


Soil Preparation

Specialty Gardens

Stone Masonry

Hardscape & Drainage systems

Landscape Construction

Smart, efficient landscaping design offers a strong first impression, whether you are complimenting your home, renovating or trying to sell your home. Every landscape plan has your best interested in mind. We will formulate a plant collection for your landscape by taking into consideration the level of maintenance and care, geographical location, sun/shade exposure and if the area is subject to browse by animals/deer. We will insure that your custom landscape is realized in a timely manner. All plant material is hand-selected from the best local nursery stock suppliers/growers in the area.

Landscape Design

A beautiful landscape design is an essential part to any home or business. The experienced team of Green Earth Landscapes, Inc. will work with you to create a customized landscape design for your home or business that will compliment the design of your property. Our experts are experienced in designing and installing:

  • Sod
  • Drainage systems.
  • Perennial and seasonal color
  • Tree and shrub installation
  • Organic planting area preparation
  • Mulch and gravel
  • Low maintenance landscape
  • We offer a wide range of plant and service choices that are perfect for any season. It is our goal to help you create a landscape design that will fit perfectly with your in to the structure of your home or office. give us a call for for information.

    Nightscaping Outdoor Lighting

    Professionally installed outdoor lighting is a wonderful home improvement that adds safety and security. Gardens will look most enchanting when lit at night with specialized fixtures. Best of all, landscape lighting is also more affordable than ever. LED lighting fixtures are highly energy efficient, saving up to 75% over traditional incandescent/halogen low voltage lighting.

    Outdoor lighting can be very effective in transforming your home into an exciting nighttime experience. We can provide a different accent to your home, pool and landscape with outdoor landscape lighting. Our goal is to help you, our customers, add elegance and beauty to your surroundings by accenting the natural features of your home and lawn through the use of decorative outdoor lighting while remaining conscious of price and quality we proudly use, fx, kichler,vista,focus,corona, just to name few of them.

    Lawn Installation/Renovation, Maintenance & Fertilization

    Complete revitalization, new lawn installation, grading service, water diversion and drainage installation can be completed with our special equipment. Lab-tested soil analysis is available for a fee. Ask about a rejuvenating aeration and over seeding treatment in spring or fall. Weekly maintenance programs are available spring through fall. We offer customized fertilization programs with 4, 5, or 6-step fertilization programs as well as Grub Control and Tree/Shrub applications to fit your needs.

    Tree Maintenance 

    Green Earth Landscapes, Inc. offers a variety of services to help our residential & commercial customers to maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. From trimming & seasonal pruning, removal & stump grinding, our professionals can handle all sizes of trees.

    Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems

    Commercial, and Residential Mowing and Edging, Trimming, Planter Work, Monitoring Irrigation Systems Irrigation System Installation and Repairs

    • Custom Design and System Installation
    • Repairs
    • System Maintenance
    • Existing System Expansion

    Irrigation System Renovations : Pressure/GPM, Spacing, Matched Precipitation and Maintenance Soil Preparation, Slope Work Sod Lawns Vegetable Gardens Weed Chemical Control on Lawns, Planters and Hard Surface Areas Fertilizing Mulching Planting Seasonal Flowers, Plants and Trees Winter Rye Tree Trimming Pest Control Clean-Ups.

    Green Earth Landscapes, Inc. offers the following irrigation services: Repairs, Troubleshooting, New Installation, or Adding on to existing systems. We also work on main water lines, and copper lines. Green Earth Landscapes, Inc. has partnered with Complete Irrigation Supply and we only install the highest quality of irrigation parts.

    • Repairs
    • Additions
    • Renovations
    • Water audits
    • Seasonal timer adjustments
    • Routine system inspection & maintenance

    Why Do You Need an Irrigation System?

    When using a hose to water the lawn you are not getting enough water in all the areas of the lawn effectively and you can also easily over water certain areas of the lawn. In fact not having a sprinkler system can waste time and money. Irrigation systems are designed to target the roots of your grass properly and sufficiently. When your lawn is watered correctly this decreases the likelihood of your lawn experiencing a drought, and thus avoiding the expensive ordeal of replacing dead grass, saving you even more money.

    Sprinkler Systems

    Keep your lawn and gardens looking sharp with one of our automated sprinkler systems! Part of having a beautiful looking lawn is regular watering, however watering by hand or using a hose attachment can be time consuming and very inefficient. Let the experienced team of Green Earth Landscapes, Inc. install an automated system that will keep your lawn looking beautiful all year!

    We are prepared to offer professional grade service and irrigation equipment for your home or business including:

    • Above ground/Fixed spray sprinklers
    • Drip irrigation
    • Weather station controllers
    • Rain Bird quality equipment
    • We use the highest quality equipment offered along with the know-how that only experience can bring. Our weather station controllers also create a more efficient watering system by detecting rainfall and adjusting water usage according to a variety of different environments in your lawn and gardens.

    Hardscaping: Paver Patios, Walkways & Retaining Walls

    We are proud to use Unilock products exclusively, Unilock provides a transferable lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of our paving stones, slabs and retaining wall units. When constructing custom patios, walkways, retainer walls and other specialty hardscape projects, quality, functionality and appearance are key. Unilock’s versatile palette of colors, textures and inspirational styles help to create your own custom outdoor living space.

    Drainage Systems

    The purpose of a drainage system is to remove water from unwanted areas, where it may cause damage, and relocate it to a suitable area. There are some signs and situations that can point to, or lead to, potential water damage as the result of poor drainage:

    • Standing water on property
    • Saturated soil
    • Downspouts discharging water at foundation
    • Water entering house/building
    • Water under house/building

    These signs can point to problems that range from the destruction of landscape to building foundation issues.

    The crews from Green Earth Landscapes, Inc. are experts at efficiently correcting all drainage problems for both residential and commercial sites. We know that the importance of a well functioning drainage system is essential to maintaining the integrity of a property and we offer multiple solutions including, but not limited to, the use of French drains, sump pumps, and grading.

    There is no drainage evaluation fee for the owner of the property. This means the property owner will not be charged for requesting a summary of our drainage plan.

    All drainage work is fully warranted. We are confident in the quality of our work and guarantee that all of our drainage systems will continue to function properly long after we install them.

    Deep Bed Edging & Mulch Installation

    Our top of the line equipment will create sharp bed contours, defining and separating the landscape bed material from the turf areas. We offer several premium mulch products (color enhanced & organic) to meet your needs. A complete spring clean-up package will get your yard off to a great start in the early spring. Make sure to schedule with us early to ensure your property is ready for outdoor events that you may have planned this year!